Am I entitled to financial assistance during the asylum procedure?

After submitting the application for international protection, you are entitled to social assistance from the Office for Foreigners. This assistance is available until the end of the proceeding of your application before the Office for Foreigners, even if you obtain the right to work in Poland during the proceedings (after 6 months of proceedings).

Within two days of submitting the application, you should report to the reception center operated by the Department of Social Assistance of the Office for Foreigners (the address of the reception center should be communicated by the Border Guard authority who will receive the application during your crossing of the border). After a few days / weeks, you will be transferred to one of several residence centers located in Poland.

Social assistance includes, among others the right to financial assistance (the amount of assistance is indicated in the regulations and cannot be changed, e.g. due to your special situation), the right to free medical care (currently provided by Petra Medica Sp. z oo – on site in each refugee center and in selected medical facilities), the right to obtain educational aids for children attending Polish schools or kindergartens. 

If you live in a center for foreigners applying for international protection, you do not receive financial aid, but only pocket money in the amount of PLN 70 per month for an adult or food equivalent in the amount of PLN 340 per month for children who is still in education process.

This is due to the fact that the center where you live provides food. In particularly justified cases, you can apply for the so-called “Out-of-center services”, ie – instead of a place in the center – financial means for renting an apartment and living independently outside the center. Find out with an employee of the center where you live how to apply for it. 

ATTENTION! The financial resources for living outside the center are very small and you will not receive support from the Office for Foreigners in looking for a flat. You have to find them and rent them. There are also non-governmental organizations that help in finding housing. For more information on the forms and amounts of social assistance, please visit: 

Information on medical care can be obtained from the employees of Petra Medica at telephone number 22 112-02-06. During the procedure for granting international protection, you are entitled to social assistance only from the Office for Foreigners. 

You are not entitled to any other forms of assistance and benefits to which Polish citizens are entitled. You will only be entitled to them after obtaining refugee status or subsidiary protection.