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Diia – an electronic document for war refugees from Ukraine

Following the notification to the European Commission of new residence permits issued in connection with the specific situation in Ukraine, the following have been added to the catalogue of residence permits: ●      electronic document in the mObywatel mobile application, confirming, inter alia, the status of beneficiary of Article 2(1) of the Special-purpose Act, […]

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People fleeing from Ukraine have the right to re-enter Poland

According to the information provided to us, the Border Guard refuses to re-enter the territory of the Republic of Poland to certain Ukrainian citizens who entered Poland from February 24, 2022, were subject to temporary protection, and then left the territory of our country. The refusals of the Border Guard concerned persons who had exceeded […]

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Amendment to the Act on assistance to citizens of Ukraine of 30 June 2022

On June 8, 2022, another law was enacted amending the Act on Assistance to Citizens of Ukraine, as well as certain provisions of other laws affecting the situation of persons who have come to Poland in connection with the conflict in Ukraine. The most important of these amendments are presented below.   LEGAL WORK FOR A […]

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