What are the rules for legalizing the stay of Ukrainian citizens who do not have valid documents and have been in Poland for some time (before the war)?

In the case of disclosure of the illegal stay of a foreigner on the territory of the Republic of Poland, which had started before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the consequences may be imposed on the foreigner, most often consisting in obliging the foreigner to return and setting the foreigner a period of 15 to 30 days for voluntary return and on the prohibition of re-entry against the foreigner. in the territory of the Republic of Poland and other countries of the Schengen area for a period from 6 months to 3 years (in extreme cases up to 5 years).

Pursuant to the amendment of the Special Act, the deadline for a Ukrainian citizen to leave the territory of Poland and the deadlines for voluntary return, which fell within the period from February 24, 2022, have been extended until June 30, 2024.

In addition, in the period until June 30, 2024, in the cases specified in article 302, section 1, items 1-8 and 10-16 of the Foreigners Act, it is possible not to initiate proceedings concerning the mandatory return of a foreigner against a citizen of Ukraine, and to discontinue the initiated proceedings such cases if supported by the important interest of the citizen concerned.

Situations related to the lack of valid documents allowing for legal stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland are so complex issues that they require individual legal consultations. After a detailed examination of a specific case, it may even turn out that it is possible to legalize the illegal stay of a foreigner without having to leave the territory of the Republic of Poland.